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Simraceway Car Table

151Simraceway 6XJ41990154.02.8s5624106spAWD $2.50Off-road/Rally
150Honda HSV-010 GT5002010206.03.0s4923456spRWD $6.25GT500 (JP)
149Honda NSX GT5002009203.03.3s5054686spRWD $7.50GT500 (JP)
148Pontiac Firebird Formula1977126.08.0s2003254spRWD $2.50Street
147Fiat 500 Abarth Assetto Corse2011150.05.4s2002216spFWD $2.50One-Make
146Volvo C30 WTCC #30 Dahlgren2011168.04.3s3203326spFWD $2.00Touring Car
145Chevrolet Cruze WTCC #1 Muller2011167.04.3s3102996spFWD $1.75Touring Car
144Chevrolet Cruze WTCC #2 Huff2011167.04.3s3102996spFWD $1.75Touring Car
143Chevrolet Cruze WTCC #8 Menu2011167.04.3s3102996spFWD $1.75Touring Car
142Chevrolet Cruze WTCC #9 O'Young2011167.04.3s3102996spFWD $1.75Touring Car
141BMW 320TC WTCC #15 Coronel2011167.04.3s3103106spRWD $2.00Touring Car
140BMW 320TC WTCC #12 Engstler2011167.04.3s3103106spRWD $2.00Touring Car
139BMW 320TC WTCC #20 Villa2011167.04.3s3103106spRWD $2.00Touring Car
138BMW 320TC WTCC #11 Poulsen2011167.04.3s3103106spRWD $2.00Touring Car
137BMW 320TC WTCC #25 Bennani2011167.04.3s3103106spRWD $2.00Touring Car
136BMW 320TC WTCC #5 Michelisz2011167.04.3s3103106spRWD $2.00Touring Car
135BMW 320si WTCC #23 Ma2011160.04.5s2852456spRWD $2.00Touring Car
134SEAT León WTCC #3 Tarquini2011167.04.2s3103036spFWD $1.50Touring Car
133SEAT León WTCC #7 Barth2011167.04.2s3103036spFWD $1.50Touring Car
132SEAT León WTCC #17 Nykjær2011167.04.2s3103036spFWD $1.50Touring Car
131SEAT León WTCC #18 Monteiro2011167.04.2s3103036spFWD $1.50Touring Car
130SEAT León WTCC #74 Oriola2011167.04.2s3103036spFWD $1.50Touring Car
129Lotus 721973188.03.4s4402605spRWD $7.50Formula
128McLaren MP4-292014189.01.6s6975028spRWD $6.25Formula
127Jaguar D-Type1955162.04.7s2502424spRWD $7.50Prototype
126Nissan GT-R GT32012200.03.0s5304516spRWD $3.00GT3
125Pagani Huayra2012230.03.3s7007387spRWD $5.00Street
124Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray1963148.06.2s3003604spRWD $5.00Street
123Dallara DW12 IndyCar Hildebrand2012220.02.0s7013146spRWD $5.00Formula
122Dallara DW12 IndyCar Barrichello2012220.02.0s7013146spRWD $5.00Formula
121Dallara DW12 IndyCar Briscoe2012220.02.0s7013146spRWD $5.00Formula
120Dallara DW12 IndyCar Andretti2012220.02.0s7013146spRWD $5.00Formula
119Dallara DW12 IndyCar Kanaan2012220.02.0s7013146spRWD $5.00Formula
118Dallara DW12 IndyCar Franchitti2012220.02.0s7013146spRWD $5.00Formula
117Dallara DW12 IndyCar Bourdais2012220.02.0s7013146spRWD $5.00Formula
116Dallara DW12 IndyCar Pagenaud2012220.02.0s7013146spRWD $5.00Formula
115Dallara DW12 IndyCar Dixon2012220.02.0s7013146spRWD $5.00Formula
114Dallara DW12 IndyCar Power2012220.02.0s7013146spRWD $5.00Formula
113Dallara DW12 IndyCar Sato2012220.02.0s7013146spRWD $5.00Formula
112Dallara DW12 IndyCar Castroneves2012220.02.0s7013146spRWD $5.00Formula
111McLaren M8C1970205.02.7s6505244spRWD $5.00Prototype
110Chevrolet Camaro RS/SS1968137.05.8s3754154spRWD$1.76$1.00Street
109Subaru Impreza WRX STI S2062011158.04.5s3153176spAWD$2.50$1.25Street
108Lotus 88B1981205.02.0s4902605spRWD$7.50$7.50Formula
107Simraceway Sprint Car2012170.03.5s8005901spRWD$2.50$0.01Off-road/Rally
106Chevrolet Camaro ZL12013184.04.0s5805566spRWD$0.54$2.50Street
105Mini John Cooper Works2011148.06.5s2111926spFWD$0.34$0.25Street
104McLaren MP4-282013220.01.6s7652247spRWD$21.00$6.25Formula
103Toyota Sprinter Trueno (AE86)1983120.08.5s1241075spRWD$0.19$2.50Street
102Mercedes-Benz 300 SL 'Gullwing'1955135.08.8s2122034spRWD$22.00$7.50Street
101Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG2010198.03.7s5634797spRWD$1.83$1.75Street
100Pagani Zonda R2012218.02.6s7375246spRWD$18.00$7.50Track
99Toyota MR2 Turbo1992145.06.2s2422335spRWD$0.15$2.50Street
98Mazda 7871990220.02.2s7004485spRWD$7.50$5.00Prototype
97Morgan Aero SuperSports2010170.04.5s3683676spRWD$2.08$2.50Street
96Ford GT40 Mk I1964192.03.6s3903255spRWD$20.00$7.50Prototype
95Bentley 4 1/2 Litre 'Blower'1930150.09.8s2392214spRWD$30.00$7.50GT
94Bentley Speed 82003215.02.8s6155906spRWD$9.00$7.50Prototype
93Maserati Tipo 61 'Birdcage'1960177.04.0s2502175spRWD$32.00$7.50Prototype
92Caterham Superlight R3002012140.04.5s1751886spRWD$0.45$2.50Track
91Simraceway Off-Road Buggy2012140.05.0s4674055spRWD$0.18$0.01Off-road/Rally
90Jaguar XJ2201992213.04.0s5424755spRWD$2.20$2.50Street
89MG TC Midget194878.021.2s54644spRWD$0.60$2.50Street
88BMW E30 M3 Sport Evolution1990154.06.5s2401775spRWD$1.00$2.50Street
87Audi R8 LMS ultra2012210.03.6s5603696spRWD$4.40$2.50GT3
86Jaguar XK1201951124.09.8s1802034spRWD$1.20$2.50Street
85Lexus IS-F2011167.04.7s4173728spRWD$0.61$2.50Street
84Simraceway Custom Hot Rod1933210.03.2s9496785spRWD$0.60$0.01Street
83Morgan Plus 4 Super Sport1961120.07.5s1341845spRWD$1.93$2.50GT
82Simraceway Asphalt Modified2012190.03.8s7005165spRWD$0.30$0.01Stock Car
81Jaguar XKR-S2012186.04.2s5426806spRWD$1.32$1.25Street
80Ford Sierra Cosworth RS5001987154.06.1s2242775spRWD$0.76$0.75Street
79McLaren M1B1966185.03.8s3003554spRWD$2.50$2.50Prototype
78Koenigsegg Agera R2012273.02.9s114012007spRWD$17.00$7.50Street
77Mini John Cooper Works S Coupe2011149.06.4s2082806spFWD$0.32$2.50Street
76Audi TT RS2012155.04.5s3354406spAWD$0.58$0.75Street
75Mazda Furai2008190.03.5s4603216spRWD$3.89$7.50Concept
74Audi R8 GT2011199.03.5s5603986spAWD$1.97$1.00Street
73Lexus CT200h F SPORT2012113.09.8s98142CVTFWD$0.30$2.50Street
72Volkswagen Beetle Turbo2012140.06.3s1972806spFWD$0.23$2.50Street
71Toyota GT862012141.06.5s1972056spRWD$0.25$2.50Street
70Maserati 250F1957180.03.1s2702345spRWD$15.00$7.50Formula
69McLaren F1 LM1995225.02.9s6805206spRWD$12.50$7.50Street / Hom
68Toyota TS020 GT-One1998240.02.5s6004796spRWD$7.85$7.50Prototype
67Lexus LFA2011202.03.8s5533546spRWD$3.76$2.00Street
66Renault Alpine A1101970130.06.0s1401485spRWD$0.60$2.50Street
65Alfa Romeo MiTo2009134.08.0s1531706spFWD$0.28$2.50Street
64Maserati MC12 GT12010190.03.2s6304806spRWD$12.00$7.50GT1
63Ariel Atom 500 V82010170.02.5s5002966spRWD$1.60$1.25Street / Hom
62Volkswagen Golf R2010155.05.5s2702586spAWD$0.34$2.50Street
61McLaren MP4-272012220.01.6s7652247spRWD$21.00$7.50Formula
60Jaguar E-Type1964150.07.0s2652854spRWD$1.45$2.50Street
59McLaren MP4/41988230.02.0s9004176spRWD$38.00$10.00Formula
58McLaren M261977193.03.5s4852686spRWD$5.37$5.00Formula
57McLaren MP4-252010220.01.6s7652247spRWD$19.00$7.50Formula
56McLaren M6GT Bruce McLaren1969173.04.2s3703705spRWD$2.53$2.50Concept
55McLaren MP4-262011220.01.6s7652247spRWD$20.00$7.50Formula
54McLaren M231973202.02.6s4502455spRWD$7.06$5.00Formula
53Audi R18 TDI2011225.02.8s5406206spRWD$12.00$7.50Prototype
52Maserati A6GCS/531953127.07.1s1681434spRWD$32.00$7.50Prototype
51Ford Mustang Boss 3022012155.04.0s4443806spRWD$0.45$2.50Street
50Jaguar XFR2012155.04.7s5104616spRWD$0.82$2.50Street
49Mazda MX-5 Miata2011136.06.8s1681406spRWD$0.25$0.25Street
48Mazda RX-82007150.06.0s2501596spRWD$0.27$2.50Street
47Mazda RX-71993158.04.7s2552175spRWD$0.33$2.50Street
46BMW M1 Procar1978192.04.4s4702825spRWD$4.35$5.00One-Make
45Alfa Romeo 1750 GT Veloce1968118.09.3s1321385spRWD$0.35$2.50Street
44Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX1998145.06.8s2102145spAWD$0.27$2.50Street
43Ford F-150 SVT Raptor2011100.07.6s4114346sp4WD$0.45$2.50Street
42Renault Formula Renault 3.52011192.02.2s4803256spRWD$1.54$1.50Formula
41Chevrolet Corvette C6.R GT22010194.03.1s4914846spRWD$7.50$4.50GT2
40Bugatti Type 51 GP1931143.08.2s1601774spRWD$35.00$7.50Formula
39Toyota Supra RZ-S2002155.04.7s2803386spRWD$0.40$0.50Street
38Audi S52011155.04.9s3543256spAWD$0.58$2.50Street
37Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution III1995149.04.9s2762435spAWD$0.23$2.50Street
36Simraceway FSAE B11201190.03.5s85586spRWD$0.58$0.01Formula
35McLaren MP4-12C2011205.03.2s5924437spRWD$2.65$1.75Street
34Bugatti Veyron Super Sport2011268.02.4s118411077spAWD$24.27$7.50Street
33Saleen S5S Raptor2010202.03.2s6506306spRWD$1.85$2.50Concept
32Volkswagen Race Touareg2008117.06.5s5506256spRWD$7.84$5.00Off-road/Rally
31Lancia Stratos Stradale1974130.06.0s1901665spRWD$2.10$2.50Street / Hom
30Renault Mégane RS 2502010165.06.1s2502516spFWD$0.49$0.50Street
29Ford Mustang 2+2 Fastback1965133.06.7s2283053spRWD$0.59$2.50Street
28Austin-Healey 100-61959115.010.7s1171424spRWD$0.50$2.50Street
27Volkswagen Jetta TDI Cup2008136.07.4s1682586spFWD$0.45$2.50One-Make
26Ford GT-R GT22010191.03.1s5004426spRWD$6.12$3.50GT2
25Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII2005155.04.8s2762865spAWD$0.30$2.50Street
24Renault 5 Turbo1981120.06.6s1581635spRWD$0.45$2.50Street / Hom
23Toyota 2000GT1968137.08.4s1501305spRWD$3.28$2.50Street
22MG MGA Mk II1962107.013.5s931164spRWD$0.21$2.50Street
21Audi RS42008155.04.6s4203176spAWD$0.67$0.75Street
20Palatov D42010130.02.8s1971506spRWD$0.50$2.50Track
19Ford Mustang Boss 3021969141.06.9s3142904spRWD$0.60$2.50Street
18McLaren MP4-12C GT32011208.03.0s4934566spRWD$4.82$2.25GT3
17Simraceway Kart201173.09.8s28161spRWD$0.06$0.01Kart
16Palatov D12011180.02.5s4302205spAWD$1.50$1.50Track
15Saleen S7 Twin Turbo2007248.02.8s7507006spRWD$5.85$5.00Street
14Dodge Charger R/T2011145.05.2s3703955spRWD$0.30$2.50Street
13Dodge Viper ACR-X2010185.03.3s6406056spRWD$1.10$1.00One-Make
12Alfa Romeo 8C2007189.04.2s4443476spRWD$2.41$2.50Street
11Maserati MC122005205.03.7s6204816spRWD$8.36$5.00Street / Hom
10BMW E92 M3 GT22010196.03.0s5003686spRWD$6.12$4.00GT2
9Lola Simraceway Formula 32011181.02.7s3002735spRWD$1.50$0.01Formula
8Morgan 3 Wheeler2011115.04.5s1201005spRWD$0.45$2.50Street
7BMW Z4 GT32010200.03.6s5153806spRWD$4.02$2.50GT3
6Bentley Continental Supersports2010204.03.9s6215906spAWD$2.73$1.75Street
5Renault Mégane Trophy2010160.03.2s3602886spRWD$1.80$1.50One-Make
4BMW 1 Series M Coupe2011155.04.7s3353696spRWD$0.47$2.50Street
3McLaren M6GT1969173.04.2s3703705spRWD$2.11$2.50Concept
2Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X2008155.04.9s2913006spAWD$0.33$0.01Street
1Dallara DW12 IndyCar2012220.02.0s7013146spRWD$8.62$5.00Formula


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ID The ID numbers are in the order that the cars were introduced by Simraceway. The highest number is the newest car.
MPH and 0‑60 Top speed in miles per hour (MPH) and 0 to 60 MPH time.
HP and TQ Power in horsepower and torque in lb-ft.
TR Number of transmission speeds. CVT means continously variable transmission.
DR RWD = Rear-wheel drive.
FWD = Front-wheel drive.
AWD = All-wheel drive. This refers to cars suitable for the road, with open or limited-slip differentials.
4WD = Four-wheel drive. This refers to cars meant for off-road use with locking differentials. If the car is street legal, it can be switched to two-wheel drive for road use.
OP and PR

OP shows the original cash prices, which are no longer in use. This information is included just for historical completeness. A blank field in the OP column means the car was introduced after the price change.

PR shows the current car prices, reflecting the new pricing model introduced on February 28, 2014, and which was previously announced on February 14. On April 18, 2014 Simraceway unveiled the Progression Ladder—a series of cars available at reduced prices to help you build your collection faster. The new prices will be reflected in the P2 column. On November 21, 2014 Simraceway unveiled new Progression Ladder tiers above the previous $7.50 maximum price, and have started to raise prices for some cars.

Here are the cars and dates of Progression Ladder additions and other price changes:   Click to View List

Free carsFormula 3, Kart, Mitsubishi Evo X
April 18, 2014Asphalt Modified, Custom Hot Rod, Off-Road Buggy, Sprint Car
September 5Dodge Viper ACR-X, Renault Mégane RS 250, Renault Mégane Trophy, Subaru STI S206
September 12Audi RS4
September 19Bentley Continental Supersports, McLaren MP4-12C
September 26Audi TT RS, Mazda MX-5 Miata
October 3Audi R8 GT
October 10Ariel Atom 500 V8, Formula Renault 3.5, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG
October 17Palatov D1
October 31Jaguar XKR-S, Lexus LFA
November 7McLaren MP4-12C GT3
November 14Audi R8 LMS Ultra, BMW Z4 GT3, Honda HSV GT500
November 21McLaren MP4/4, McLaren MP4-29, Nissan GT-R GT3
November 28Ford GT-R GT2
December 5BMW M3 GT2
December 12Chevrolet Corvette C6.R GT2
December 19Maserati MC12, Mazda 787, McLaren MP4-28
December 26Honda NSX GT500, Maserati MC12 GT1, McLaren MP4-25, MP4-26, and MP4-27
January 2015Prices were raised for the following cars:
Bentley Speed 8 (old: $5.00, new: $7.50), BMW M1 Procar (old: $2.50, new: $5.00),
Mazda Furai (old: $2.50, new: $7.50), Toyota TS020 (old: $5.00, new: $7.50)
January 2Four Simraceway cars already on the Progression Ladder are now free when you
join Simraceway: Asphalt Modified, Custom Hot Rod, Off-Road Buggy, Sprint Car
January 9Mini John Cooper Works
January 16Toyota Supra RZ-S
January 23Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500
January 30Chevrolet Camaro RS/SS
March 13Simraceway FSAE B11 is now free
April 3SEAT León WTCC
April 10Chevrolet Cruze WTCC
April 17Volvo C30 WTCC
April 24BMW 320TC WTCC, BMW 320si WTCC

Concept cars are prototypes that never entered production.

Formula cars are purpose-built open-wheel race cars built to a strict set of rules.

GT, GT1, GT2, GT3 and GT500 cars are based on production vehicles, typically high-performance sports cars. In order to have competitive racing between different models of cars, the rules for each model are adjusted to balance performance.

Kart refers to racing go-karts.

Off-road/Rally refers to cars meant only for off-road racing, or rally cars that race on multiple surfaces.

Prototype racers are purpose-built like formula cars but with full bodywork and better aerodynamics.

One-Make refers to race cars that were used in single-make series. All cars in a single-make series are identical.

Stock Car refers to cars that resemble street cars but are actually purpose-built racers.

Street cars are ordinary street-legal family cars and sports cars.

Street / Hom refers to street-legal homologation specials for GT or rally racing, and race cars that were converted to a street-legal configuration (but not used for homologation), like the McLaren F1 LM.

Touring Car racers are similar to GT cars but are based on inexpensive family sedans and hatchbacks. They typically have 2.0 liter engines, or 1.6 liter turbo engines, and most are front-wheel drive.

Track refers to track-day specials that are not street legal. Some of these are used in amateur race series.


1. The Lotus 88B participated in the British GP Friday practice session during the 1981 season, but it was subsequently banned and never actually started a race. So it could be classified as a 'Concept'.

2. Most of the cars in the One-Make category are production-based GT-type racers. The exception is the Renault Mégane Trophy, which is more like a stock car. The Mégane Trophy resembles the Mégane street car, but it's actually a purpose-built tube-frame race car.

3. The Ariel Atom and Caterham Seven series are track-day specials. The Atom comes with the basic items like lights and mirrors to make it street legal, and is sold in the US as a kit car. You have to jump through hoops but you can get it registered. Caterhams are available in street-legal configurations, but the Superlight R300 in Simraceway has no lights so is not street legal.


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